weareone: collective

What we do

weareone: collective is a network of change-makers; collaborating, innovating and sharing our knowledge, skills, and resources. Bringing together individuals and organisations from the non-profit, creative and business sectors to work alongside marginalised people to find innovative solutions to tackle social injustice. Be believe in giving agency not aid.

Our overall aim is to create an inspirational environment where solidarity is not just a good intention, but a normal part of daily life.

Through our actions and output, we advocate for positive change, challenging prejudice and instigating an alternative dialogue with the media and beyond, while simultaneously celebrating our shared humanity.


“Give agency not aid”


Our pillars of work

Collective Impact: Participatory workshops and short-term, high-impact projects for both adults and children. The workshops are delivered locally and globally, everywhere from primary schools in the UK to refugee camps abroad. We work directly with user groups to explore different social themes, in order to engage and educate.

Collective Enterprise: Our social enterprise model designed to stimulate and support initiatives by individuals and groups. We create funding opportunities by linking those in need of support to mentors and corporate partners that can help their ideas take root and flourish.

Collective View: Our digital media output. It features citizen journalism and creative content, including youth-generated projects. The aim of collective view is to break down perceived barriers and help reshape the debate.

Collective Conscious: A program of holistic workshops for user groups (including NGO and voluntary humanitarian workers) to promote mindfulness and self-care as a coping strategy and encourage harmonious interactions. We offer self-development workshops aimed at those working in the humanitarian field, to encourage best practice and praxis.

Collective Output: Public facing projects using our links to the arts and technology industries – these include talks, exhibitions, events and other creative initiatives – all accessible through our social media channels .

Collective Action: Working closely with a consortium of grassroots groups to amplify each other’s campaigns and mobilise collective action .